Relations, the long awaited international debut from Laust Sonne is released the 2nd of September 2016.


He reflects: “Because the songs on my album are very personal, and mostly written from my own point of view, it’s a great feeling having so many fans coming my way, saying that they can really relate to the songs, for many reasons. The reaction to my current single Sunday Morning has just been amazing”.

For “Relations”, his long awaited international debut album, he has penned 10 songs, all circling around the themes of love and relationships.

“The reason I called my album “Relations” is because I think that relations to other people are the most valuable thing that we have as humans. Without relations to other human beings, we wither and dry and become unhappy and disconnected. Relations are what keep us connected to this world. Without relations we drift off into our own worlds… This album reflects on relations connected to love. All the feelings related to being in a relationship. The happy ones, the
sad ones. Experiencing jealousy, experiencing ecstasy and so on…