Start a Fire LIVE at FluxBau Berlin, March 2016


Laust Sonne at FluxBau, Berlin, live review: International pop from one of the most promising artists of 2016.

FluxBau, Berlin 8th of March 2016

When he wasn’t showcasing his unique drumming skills on his custom made red/white march drum entering (and later exiting the stage), Danish star Laust Sonne, was a real friendly and sympathetic world-class performer, performing a string of hits from his international debut album for a select invited crowd of music industry people and ticket winners at the beautiful riverside venue FluxBau in Berlin.


With spring arriving in earnest to Berlin, he played the very first concert with new material from his international debut album releasing in Germany the 13th of May, and as the night went on it became clear that this was indeed something special. It would come as no surprise that in a short while is going to be across the river Spree, dividing he city of Berlin at the 17.000 capacity Mercedes-Benz Arena, that we would except to see him and his band perform.


“Such was the surprise among the invites that at one moment it seemed that half of audience was seen filming this with their phones”

The show started with Laust entering stage drumming on his custom-made march drum strapped around his shoulders playing along with his excellent band drummer Felix Ewert introducing himself to the audience with Start a Fire.

Start a Fire was following by Laust adopting electric guitar and performing what is to be his third single from the album Reckless, released later this year, to the delight of the audience. Then followed a string of hits including current radio single the slow Sunday Morning and second single On The Radio, packed in a sound that could be described as a cross between international stars such as Bruno Mars, One Republic and Maroon 5.

As the set went on it became clear to the dancing and excited crowd that this was indeed a real amazing artist and unique talent showcasing a great modern sounding album. His band performed faultless and the sound at the venue suggested that we was indeed over at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.



Start a fire
Seat in my caddy
Sunday morning
Tell me
On the radio
A long way

After an intense and storming 45 minutes set, thanking everybody for the night it didn’t take long for the crowd to demand an encore where he performed the next two radio singles a second time , On The Radio and Reckless, smiling and ad-libbing along to the delighted crowd.

It’s hard to imagine him not breaking big at the mainstream international scene, using his adopted musical home Berlin, Germany as his base, it should only be a matter of time.

Current single Sunday Morning is out now, debut album Relations is released the 13th of May and is available on pre-order via iTunes in Germany, Austria, Switcherland and Denmark.