Laust Sonne – Classic Relations – Unplugged with String Quartet

Sunday Morning, the new single taken from Classic relations from the multi-talented producer, songwriter and performer Laust Sonne, is an instantly recognizable piece of pop music, from the intro-hook, all the way ´til the end of the last chorus performed unplugged with String Quartet.
It´s a modern pop song on the age old subject of unrequited love.
It´s sparkling production and Laust Sonne´s mellow and smooth voice have references to both Bruno Mars, One Republic and Maroon 5.

In Scandinavia he is already a well-known face on the musical radar, both as solo artist and as a highly regarded member of what is probably one of the biggest rock bands there.


Laust Sonne has toured all over the world, played 1000’s of concerts in metropoles such as Beijing, New York, Paris, London and Berlin along the way. He has had 3 albums to reach the top of the Danish charts, and 3 albums peaking at no. 2.He´s had 5 no 1 singles on the airplay charts including On The Radio and Spell on You, all of them receiving “the most played this week” tag on the biggest radio stations in DK. His releases has both received rave reviews and topped the Danish radio charts for long periods of time. He’s won 4 Grammys, a Nordic lifetime achievement award and the ‘musician of the year’ award in Denmark, the most prestigious music award for musicians there.

With an immediately hummable keyboard melody, Sunday Morning introduces you to a near 4 minutes of superbly performed 2015 romantic pop, showcasing a vocalist that, other than having a voice to die for, could almost be described as androgenous. Is this a boy or a girl, is it someone young or more experienced?

“The song Sunday Morning is about wanting someone more than he or she wants you. And about keeping up an affair that you know or suspect is no good for you. Still you keep coming back, forever hoping and longing for the little bits of sugar you get to enjoy along the way”
Laust explains.

Sunday Morning is an effortless and dreamy piece of pop-music from an artist that not only possesses an obvious talent for writing and performing somehow perfect pop songs, but he is also a bit of a rarity in music, a sincere, nice and approachable pop-star, something that is not always the case.

In the end, Sunday Morning is a very contagious and “pop-tastic” song from an artist that seems ahead of his time.

Laust Sonne – On The Radio – Unplugged with String Quartet – Vega, Copenhagen from Laust Sonne on Vimeo.

Laust Sonne – Reckless Unplugged with String Quartet – Vega from Laust Sonne on Vimeo.

ARTIST: Laust Sonne
TRACK: Classic Relations
LABEL: Billy B Records / Kontor Hamburg
ISRC: DK-BD2-15-00102


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