Presse Release – Laust Sonne – On The Radio (Unplugged with String Quartet)

ARTIST: Laust Sonne
TRACK: On The Radio (Unplugged with String Quartet)
LABEL: Billy B Records
ISRC: DK-BD2-14-00102


The multi-award winning Danish singer/songwriter Laust Sonne releases Friday the 14th of August the first single to be taken from his EP ‘Classic Relations’, an EP of 3 songs unplugged with string quartet.

The unplugged single supports the studio version of ‘On The Radio’ that was released in Germany shortly before Christmas and across Europe and Scandinavia this spring where it has received both TV coverage, radio airplay and press.
It was prior to the release of his forthcoming studio album ‘Relations’ later this year, Laust Sonne released ‘Classic Relations’ in the early summer with unplugged acoustic recordings of the three first singles to be taken from the album, “On The Radio”, “Sunday Morning” and “Reckless”. It gives a rare and unique opportunity to sit back and enjoy one of the real promising stars for 2015, a great performer and someone with an unquestionable talent.

Laust Sonne has toured all over the world, played 1000’s of concerts in metropoles such as Beijing, New York, Paris, London and Berlin along the way. He’s won 4 Grammy, a Nordic lifetime achievement award and the ‘musician of the year’ award in Denmark, the most prestigious music award for musicians there.

It’s the first time Laust releases an acoustic and unplugged recording and the result is very different from his usually glorious multi layered studio productions that is to be found on the studio album out later in the year.

Some artists record introvert acoustic versions of their songs, but here is a real sense that Laust enjoys the company of these great orchestral musicians, that have played with who’s who of world famous conductors all over the world, including Berlin and Copenhagen. The string arrangements by Australian born Pete Morrison are both complex and exciting, and show cases his great talent for writing the un-expected. This playfulness matches these undoubtable hit singles, and a song such as ‘Sunday Morning’ already sounds like a song that will last forever, a real classic.

The release will be supported by a 25 min TV special filmed in VEGA, Copenhagen, that includes live performances of all three tracks, On The Radio, Sunday Morning and Reckless and interview with arranger and cellist Pete Morrision.

Laust Sonne – ‘On The Radio’ taken from Classic Relatiotions  (EP)– Unplugged with String Quartet is officially released the 14th of Auguest 2015 via Billy B Records / Kontor.



Laust Sonne – Biography (PDF)

Laust Sonne – Classic Relations EP Fact Sheet (PDF)



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