Laust Sonne: ‘When I record, i listen with my heart. I am not an expert on frequencies, I work priorly from instinct’

“As we get closer to the much anticipated release of ‘Classic Relations’ unplugged with string section from Danish singer/songriter Laust Sonne, we talks to him about how he suddenly became an unplugged singer/songwriter.


I believe it’s first time you have recorded an EP as ‘Classic Relations’, how did you suddenly come to become an unplugged singer/songwriter?

“That´s right, it´s the first time. Doing acoustic versions of a song is a nice way of presenting a new song without blowing the surprise of the big production. Like an appetiser for what is to come. So I did that with “On The Radio”. But then, out of the blue, Peet Morrison the arranger, offered to do some amazing and very different string quartet arrangement for 3 of my songs, and I thought, that´s an opportunity that I can´t turn down!! So I went ahead and did this, and for me, I´ve always loved hearing hearing different versions of songs that I like, from artists that I like, especially if the new versions bring something new to the table. And that´s what we tried to do here. I´m very excited about it!”

For listeners these unplugged recordings show that your songs are exceptionally consistent in the very approach to songwriting. Do you have your own personal method of writing songs that you always follow?

“A good song should be able to work on many different levels, in a full blown production, in an acoustic version, as a rock song or as a pop song or whatever. I always test my songs by trying them out in different ways… If it only works when turned up really loud, maybe there´s a problem, you know?

I write mostly on the acoustic guitar, that way I don´t get too carried away by a nice drumbeat, and I make sure from the beginning, that the melody is top notch. When the melody is in place, then I´ll start dreaming up an arrangement of the song, and dreams can take you very far, right?”

Music listeners don’t seem to care too much about sound quality these days, but these strings sound fantastic and are superbly performed. And so does your album. Does it mean a lot to you as a professional musician that the production and sound quality is a good as it possible can be?

“I am not an expert on frequencies, I work from primarily from instinct. So when I record, I listen

with my heart. Does it move me or not? Do I feel it´s working or not? And it´s okay, if it´s a little rough around the edges. If it sounds too perfect, sometimes the energy will disappear for me. I like it to stand out, that´s my personal taste. But frequencies and sounds ARE very important, therefore the mixing and mastering process is extremely important, and I don´t do that myself. I have found the perfect guy for me to do that, his name is Anders Schuman, and I trust him completely. HE`S the expert!

If the music sounds too harsh or pumped up it can push the listener away, instead of inviting them in, and if it sounds too muffled or soft, the music loses it´s freshness and gets dull and boring. It´s a very fine line.

The performances have to be spotless, and by that I don´t necessarily mean perfect. But they have to have just the right energy, emotion, timing and delivery. And I think the string-players really nailed it on these recordings. They are world class.”


Classic Relations is released 6th of March via Billy B Records / Kontor

On The Radio unplugged with string section taken from ‘Classic Relations’


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