Laust Sonne: ‘How it was to record these songs unplugged? It was easy not having the energy of the beat to rely on’

The Danish singer/songwriter talks about his new EP ‘Classic Relations’, his soon to be released studio album ‘Relations’ and why it was easy to record unplugged – not having the energy of the beat to rely on!’



How is it to listen to your songs suddenly being backed by a live string quartet with such complex arrangements? A lot is happening. 

“Yes, a lot is happening. Peet has a different approach to arranging for string quartet, than from anything I have ever heard. He comes from a totally different angle, and that is what makes it so exciting to listen to, for me. It is truly a clash of two worlds, but instead of rejecting each other, they intertwine and create something unique. The classical world and the songwriters world.
I think it´s wonderful.
I can´t wait to perform it in front of a live audience!”

and how was it then to record these songs unplugged, that you have spend so much time with in your own studio,  in such an intimate way. Do they feel any different to you in the end?  

“It was easy! ha ha… It was a nice challenge not having the energy of the beat to rely on and the huge stereo effect of the chorus, but instead getting the intensity from the lyrics and the feeling of being exposed, of exposing something intimate to the listener. I wanted it to have the feeling of a live performance and not a studio production, so I have done no editing on the vocal and the guitar.”

A lot of artists have more or less the same inspirations, the same handful of recordings they connect to. If you were to single out a few personal favorites, a few artists that have made some outstanding acoustic recordings in the past, who would that be?

“Bob Dylan is unsurpassable when it´s just him and his guitar. He´s the master. I think he is at his best when he breaks it down like that. That´s how he started out, and it´s just pure magic.

But that´s very far away from my way of singing, though.

A person who has inspired my way of singing a lot is Chet Baker. I listen to his early vocal recordings a lot! His timing, his phrasing, the quality of his voice. It´s very romantic and intimate and something I can really relate to and use.

Rufus Wainwright is amazing! Talk about being versatile!! A song like Tell Me, from my album, comes from the same place that some of his songs come from.

Elliot Smith has done some really intense recordings with a nice acoustic feel to it. He was great.”


Classic Relations is out 20th of March 2015


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