Laust Sonne: Classic Relations is two different sides of the same thing, and I like diversity.

Laust Sonne: Unplugged with String Quartet.

“The singer/songwriter talks about his EP “Classic Relations” released worldwide the 20th of March, how it is to listen to his songs recorded unplugged backed by an amazing world-class string quartet and how much he is anticipating to be performing these songs  live both alone on guitar and with his band.”

laust sonne classic relations

You’re going to release an unplugged EP backed by a string quartet with re-recordings of the three first singles from your new album Relations the 20th of March, how different was it to perform these songs being in such a different setting? 

“It´s a different thing altogether. I wanted it to feel more spontaneous and intimate than the original versions. The songs can actually get an extra emotionel depth when you strip them down like this, and that´s what I went for on this EP. Very simple, honest and relaxed performances, only me and my guitar sitting right next to the listener, with a violin/cello in each corner.”

Which version of “On The Radio” would you recommend to a first time listener as a very first impression to learn to know your music,  the studio produced version or the unplugged version?

“It all depends on mood and taste. If you are in a party/dancing mood I would definitely put on the original version. It´s very energetic, with a huge chorus and a strong beat. If you are in a more contemplative, quiet mood, then I´d go for the acoustic version with the string quartet. It´s intimate and direct and emotional but more mellow than the original version. Still, it´s two different sides of the same thing, and I like diversity.”

laust sonne classic relations

I believe that You’ve always been interested in many musical styles that both include and exclude modern technology, haven’t you? Your forthcoming album Relations, for example, is a superbly 2015 styled pop record, while this EP is a 100% pure acoustic recording.

“I think that good music is good music, period. I try not to limit my ears to genres and styles, but to focus on the artistry and the composition, and not the wrapping the music is delivered in… I like a nice wrapping, of course, it´s important, but one production never shows the full picture of what a song can be or can do. It shows one side. Therefore, doing different versions help to show the listeners all the different moods a song can contain. Like, maybe there´s a little more heartbreak in Sunday Morning, than you would think from first hearing the original version. And maybe Reckless is a little bit more romantic than you thought? And again, maybe On The Radio is really a sad song? Stripped down like this, the songs offer different colors and nuances than they did before.”

Laust Sonne – Classic Relations is out the 20th of March 2015 via Billy B Records/Kontor


Original album version of On The Radio, released in Germany only. Features on ‘Relations’ out in Germany 15th of May 2015.

Unplugged with string quartet version of On The Radio, features on ‘Classic Relations’ out 20th of March 2015.


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