Laust Sonne – Biography (Classic Relations)

Laust Sonne – Classic Relations EP TEASER from Laust Sonne on Vimeo.

Laust Sonne is a Danish singer/songwriter. In Scandinavia he is already a well-known face on the musical radar, both as solo artist and as a highly regarded member of what is probably one of the biggest bands there. He is a real personality there, not only because of his massive musical talent, but also as the public figure he is, a real, nice and approachable pop star.


He could barely speak when he first picked up drums at the tender age of 3, today he also play guitar, piano, synths and keyboards. At the age of 20 he left for first London then Los Angeles to pursue an international career before returning to his native Copenhagen.

He has toured all over the world, played 1000’s of concerts in metropoles such as Beijing, New York, Paris, London and Berlin along the way. He’s won 4 Grammy, a Nordic lifetime achievement award and the ‘musician of the year’ award in Denmark, the most prestigious music award for musicians there.

Laust has already released a large number of records in Scandinavia both with bands and as solo artist, and in 2015 he is releasing his long awaited international solo debut, ‘Relations’, a deeply personal album that is hugely radio friendly, catchy, fresh and absolutely perfect in it´s execution. The album is mixed by probably the most in demand mixer in Scandinavia, Anders Schuman, he is behind an endless list of hits records. 

Prior to the studio album he is releasing the EP ‘Classic Relations’ the 6th of March. He is performing acoustic and unplugged backed by String Quartet, showcasing another side of one of the real promising international stars for 2015, and someone with an unquestionable talent for performing.

“One production never shows the full picture of what a song can be or can do. It shows one side. Therefore, doing different versions can help to show the listener all the different moods a song can contain. Like, maybe there´s a little more heartbreak in Sunday Morning, than you would think from first hearing the original version. And maybe Reckless is a little bit more romantic than you thought? And again, maybe On The Radio is really a sad song? Stripped down like this, the songs offer different colors and nuances than they did before.” – Laust Sonne – February 2015

Today Laust Sonne is based in Copenhagen where his label has it´s office, but he has made Germany his musical home and base for his music. He will be performing live later this year, both solo and with full band, with dates to be announced soon. 



EP fact sheet:

more info:

Laust Sonne – Biography (PDF)

Laust Sonne – Classic Relations EP Fact Sheet (PDF)


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