Peet Morisson: String arranger on Classic Relations

Peet Morrison is a composer, cellist and lyricist, writing classical large-scale compositions, indie/rock songs and arrangements that are performed as stand alone works, as well as used in cross-genre collaborations with musicians, dancers and theatre performers.

He has written the string quartet arrangements for the Laust Sonne – “Classic Relations” EP, out 6th of March 2015 via Billy B/Kontor Records. The three tracks, all singles from his forthcoming studio album “Relations”, On The Radio, Sunday Morning and Reckless are recorded with highly professional orchestral musicians from Denmark, Poland, Australia and the UK.

On composing for these songs, he says:

“Laust has an real instinctively natural way of singing and playing, that together with his great and easy flowing songwriting, makes it possible to blend melodic and rhythmic string lines in a variety of layers.

I’m not a fan of simple long notes; the parts need to be interesting and intertwined, without however getting too in the way. In the end, if people can put-their-feet-up and just enjoy the collective sound, then I know the arrangements sit in a good place.”

February 2015


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