Relations by Laust Sonne: A real mix of classic songwriting and Scandinavian pop productions

Scandinavian multi-instrumentalist Laust Sonne reveals the visions that led to the birth of his soon-to-be-released international solo debut album “Relations” in this exclusive interview prior to the 2014 edition of the Berlin Music Week.

on the radio - still

on the radio – still

Over the last two years Laust Sonne has retreated into his rather large personal studio in his native Copenhagen to complete what is to soon become his international solo debut, only interrupted by a near 100-date tour that took him across the globe. Now it’s time to concentrate on this much-promising album, a real mix of classic songwriting and Scandinavian pop productions that the northern region has become so famous for.

INT: What is the common theme with Relations?

LS: Central to the album is “love” and all the different kinds of emotions and relations that you’ll find with love, be it falling in love, sex, bitterness, confusion, eye-openings, regrets, surrender, melancholy, wisdom, sadness, safety, jealousy and so on.
In essence it’s a real mix of personal experiences and observations of the love patterns of both sexes.

Int: How did the songs come to life?

LS: I started in earnest writing the songs a few years ago and in the end everything ended up being recorded by myself in my own studio complex in Copenhagen. All that you hear is written by me. The songs are produced and arranged by myself with additional help from Ian Nilsen. Together we completed the songs one by one and went though every single detail until we felt that the songs were as complete as absolutely possible.
The production is modern, sophisticated and energetic yet at the same time elegant. There is a high degree of layering in the production that should allow for many repeated listenings. The actual songwriting is classic songwriting, with maximal focus on melody.
The record was finally mixed by Anders Schumann who is in many musician’s views the absolute numero uno mixer in Denmark. His is a real pro and added that final professional touch to the production.

on the radio - still

on the radio – still

Int: What are your thoughts behind the music?

LS: My ultimate goal was to make a personal modern pop album: reflective, complex, an album full of music that you can embrace yourself in. I also wanted to mix classic song writing, a current danceable Scandinavian sound and a kind of music that allows you to think. An album where nothing actually is left too much to chance, but where you still can find much energy and playfulness.

Int: Why Berlin?

LS: Berlin is for me a magnetic centre that a large majority of artists are attracted to. The city has a unique story to it, and the city has been the birthplace to a enormous amount of good music and art for so long.  At the same time, the city has a geographical placement that makes it kind of a natural centre in Northern Europe for artists, which then makes it even more interesting for other artists, the industry and so on. An ultra-dynamic city.


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